Why am I being asked to register?

Registering lets you access a personalized account where you can manage your preferences, e.g., the newsletters you’d like to receive and your subscriptions. 

If you choose not to register, you can go ahead and dismiss the prompt.

Do I have to register? 

No, you do not have to register to access our site. Site registration overlays can be dismissed by selecting the X at upper right on any prompt.

Why do you need my email address to register my account?

Your email address allows you to access and update your account. We send important emails to the address on file for your account, such as instructions for signing in, setting a password, or managing other aspects of your account.

What benefits do I get from registering my account?

Registering gives you access to our newsletter and creates a reader account on our site where you can manage your newsletter and billing preferences. Registration also grants access to gated site content.

Registering and signing in gives you a more personalized experience as you browse the site. It also helps us understand our audience’s interests and needs, to better serve readers like you.

How do I manage my account? 

You can manage your account under the My Account dashboard. This is accessible through the link to My Account/Sign In at the top of the site.

Do I have to remember a password? 

We encourage you to set a password when you register. That’s the easiest, most secure way to sign in. Doing so is optional, though. You can also sign in with your email address only.

How do I set or reset my password?

To set a new password after registering your account, or reset password, follow these steps.

  • Select the My Account/Sign In link at the top of the site.
  • In the resulting form, select the “Reset password” button.
  • Check your inbox for an email with a link and instructions to reset your password.
  • After resetting your password, you’ll need to log in with that new password. This security step prevents malicious actors from logging into your account by resetting a password.

How do I stay signed in?

If you’ve signed in in the last 30 days on the device you’re using, our system should recognize you as a returning visitor. Once you’ve signed in on Safari, Firefox, Chrome, or other browsers, you should stay signed in for about a month.

If you aren’t staying signed in, here are several possible reasons, along with solutions for each.

You’re using a light or in-app version of a browser.

This is especially common on smartphones, most often when Safari is your default browser.

Why does this happen? Links you open from another app (e.g., Mail, Gmail, Facebook, or Twitter) may open in a light browser. For privacy, these browsers don’t retain sign-in info.

How do I know this is happening? In Safari on iPhone and iPad, you’ll know you’re in a light browser if you’re on our site and see the Safari compass icon at the bottom right of your screen. You also may see a “Done” or “Back” link or back arrow at the top left of your screen. You might see an option that reads “Open window in [browser name]” under the more options (…) menu.

How can I fix it? In Safari on iPhone and iPad, select the Safari compass icon at the bottom right of your screen, or select “Open window in [browser name]” in your more options (…) menu.

You’re using a private or incognito browser window or tab.

Private (Safari and Firefox) and Incognito (Chrome) browser sessions don’t track your data. If you sign in during such a session, your sign-in data won’t carry over.

Why does this happen? Your device might be set up to open any new window in a private browsing session, or you might have been in a private or incognito session for another reason.

How do I know this is happening? In Safari, the browser’s address bar will be black or dark instead of white or gray. In Firefox, you’ll see a mask icon at the top of the browser. In Chrome, the browser’s address bar and new tab background will be black.

How can I fix it? Turn off private or incognito browsing in your web browser.

You’re blocking cookies in your browser’s settings.

If your browser is using privacy settings that block cookies, it won’t store your log-in information.

Why does this happen? You or your workplace might have set your device to block cookies for privacy. This can unfortunately sometimes hamper websites’ functionality.

How do I know this is happening? If you’re not using a light version of a browser, you’re not browsing in a private or incognito browser window or tab, but our site still isn’t keeping you logged in, you’re probably blocking cookies.

How can I fix it? You’ll need to toggle cookies back on in your browser’s settings. How to do this will vary, depending on which browser you’re using and how it’s configured. 

You’re blocking cookies and/or Google Analytics with a browser extension or add-on.

Ad blocking or privacy browser extensions such as AdBlock, uBlock Origin, and Ghostery can block the cookie that stores your log-in information.

Why does this happen? You or your workplace might have installed one of these browser extensions to block cookies for privacy. 

How do I know this is happening? Check your browser’s add-ons or extensions list. If you see one of these items active in the list, that could be the issue. 

How can I fix it? You can often add our website URL to a whitelist in your add-on or extension’s settings. If not, you may need to disable the add-on or extension.

You signed up for newsletters with one email address, but subscribed with another.

Many people have multiple email addresses. You might use one address when signing up for email newsletters, but another when subscribing to sites. If you visit our site using a link from an email newsletter sent to an address that isn’t subscribed, our system may not recognize you.

Why does this happen? Our system can’t tie two email addresses to one subscription.

How do I know this is happening? Sign in using the My Account/Sign In link at the top of the site. Check whether the email address in your account matches the email address where your newsletter was sent.

How can I fix it? Once you’ve signed in, set your device to stay signed in. Otherwise, you can contact us to resolve the issue.

If you’ve tried all of these options, and you still can’t stay signed in, please contact us and provide information about your device, browser, and any detail regarding actions you took. Screenshots or video can also be really helpful in troubleshooting sign-in issues.

I think I have two accounts in your system. How do I delete one of them?

If you have multiple accounts but only want one, you have two options. 

To merge both accounts under a single email address: Please contact us, and we can help you merge your subscription and donation information into a single account.

To delete an account you no longer need: Sign into the extra account via the My Account/Sign In link in the site header. Then select the Delete Account button to start the deletion process.